This module implements the OMG CosPropertyService::PropertyNamesIterator interface.

To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:


reset(Iterator) -> ok

  • Iterator = #objref

This operation resets the position to the first property name.

next_one(Iterator) -> Reply

  • Iterator = #objref
  • Reply = {boolean(), Name}
  • Name = string()

This operation returns true if a Property Name exists at the current position and the out parameter is a valid Property Name. If false is returned the out parameter is a non-valid Property Name.

next_n(Iterator, HowMany) -> Reply

  • Iterator = #objref
  • HowMany = long()
  • Reply = {boolean(), [Name]}
  • Name = string()

This operation returns true if the requested number of Property Names can be delivered and there are additional property names. If false is returned a sequence of max HowMany property names will be returned and no more Property Names can be delivered.

destroy(Iterator) -> ok

  • Iterator = #objref

This operation will terminate the Iterator and all subsequent calls will fail.