This is an extemely simple, zero configuration webkit.

This is an extemely simple, zero configuration webkit. Using the webkit you can easily make a small HTTP server running on localhost that is good enough for backendign simple applications. It is by no means a full-blown HTTP server, so it is not intended as a replacement for a "proper" HTTP server, but memely as something that is usful for interfaceing small scale web applicttions to your browser.

The webkit acts as a "middle man" and abstracts out details of the real HTTP rpotocol convertting it into a form that is convenient for an Erlang program.

that abstract the protocol in different ways The simplest is Messages from driver {Pid, {get, File, Args}} {Pid, {post, File, Args, Data}} {Pid, close} To the client {page, FileExtension, DeepList} {error, What} close


classify(FileName) -> term()

forever() -> term()

get_file(File) -> term()

header(X) -> term()

mime(Tag) -> term()

mod_server(Tag, Uri, Args, Root) -> term()

pre(X) -> term()

serve_static_file(File) -> term()

serve_static_file_report_error(File) -> term()

start(Port, Fun) -> term()

start_batch_mod_server(X1) -> term()

start_fold_server(Port, Fun4, State) -> term()

start_mod_server(Port, RootDir) -> term()

start_static_server(Port, Fun3) -> term()

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