default_authentication_handler(Req) -> term()

handle_session_req(Httpd) -> term()

null_authentication_handler(Req) -> term()

proxy_authentification_handler(Req) -> term()

proxy auth handler.

This handler allows creation of a userCtx object from a user authenticated remotly. The client just pass specific headers to CouchDB and the handler create the userCtx. Headers name can be defined in local.ini. By thefault they are :

* X-Auth-CouchDB-UserName : contain the username, (x_auth_username in couch_httpd_auth section) * X-Auth-CouchDB-Roles : contain the user roles, list of roles separated by a comma (x_auth_roles in couch_httpd_auth section) * X-Auth-CouchDB-Token : token to authenticate the authorization (x_auth_token in couch_httpd_auth section). This token is an hmac-sha1 created from secret key and username. The secret key should be the same in the client and couchdb node. s ecret key is the secret key in couch_httpd_auth section of ini. This token is optional if value of proxy_use_secret key in couch_httpd_auth section of ini isn't true.

special_test_authentication_handler(Req) -> term()

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