An abstract structure for bindings between variables and values (the environment)


A closure which evaluates an expression given an environment


Represents a field in a "bin".


A closure which performs a match given a value, a pattern and an environment


expr_grp(Fields::[field()], Bindings::bindings(), EvalFun::evalfun(), ListOfBits::term(), X5::term()) -> {value, binary(), bindings()}

Returns a tuple with {value,Bin,Bs} where Bin is the binary constructed from form the Fields under the current Bindings. Bs contains the present bindings. This function can also throw an exception if the construction fails.

expr_grp(Fields, Bindings, EvalFun) -> term()

bin_gen(BinPattern::{bin, integer(), [field()]}, Bin::binary(), GlobalEnv::bindings(), LocalEnv::bindings(), MatchFun::matchfun(), EvalFun::evalfun()) -> {match, binary(), bindings()} | {nomatch, binary()} | done

Used to perform matching in a comprehension. If the match succeeds a new environment and what remains of the binary is returned. If the match fails what remains of the binary is returned. If nothing remains of the binary the atom 'done' is returned.

match_bits(Fields::[field()], Bin::binary(), GlobalEnv::bindings(), LocalEnv::bindings(), MatchFun::matchfun(), EvalFun::evalfun(), X7::term()) -> {match, bindings()}

Used to perform matching. If the match succeeds a new environment is returned. If the match have some syntactic or semantic problem which would have been caught at compile time this function throws 'invalid', if the matching fails for other reasons the function throws 'nomatch'

match_bits(Fs, Bin, Bs0, BBs, Mfun, Efun) -> term()

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