offsets() = [Offset::integer() | offsets()]
reflist() = [{Data::term(), Offsets::offests()} | reflist()]
refs() = [{RefType::integer(), Reflist::reflist()} | refs()]


chunk_name(Architecture::hipe_architecture()) -> string()

Returns the native code chunk name of the Architecture. (On which presumably we are running.)

load_hipe_modules() -> ok

Ensures HiPE's loader modules are loaded. Called from code.erl at start-up.

load_native_code(Mod, Bin::binary()) -> no_native | {module, Mod}

  • Mod = atom()

Loads the native code of a module Mod. Returns {module,Mod} on success (for compatibility with code:load_file/1) and the atom no_native on failure.

post_beam_load(Mod::atom()) -> ok

load_module(Mod, Bin::binary(), Beam::term()) -> bad_crc | {module, Mod}

  • Mod = atom()

load(Mod, Bin::binary()) -> bad_crc | {module, Mod}

  • Mod = atom()

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