Common Test Framework Event Handler.

Common Test Framework Event Handler

This module implements an event handler that CT uses to handle status and progress notifications during test runs. The notifications are handled locally (per node) and passed on to ct_master when CT runs in distributed mode. This module may be used as a template for other event handlers that can be plugged in to handle local logging and reporting.


add_handler() -> term()

add_handler(Args) -> term()

code_change(OldVsn, State, Extra) -> term()

handle_call(Req, State) -> term()

handle_event(Event, State) -> term()

handle_info(Info, State) -> term()

init(RecvPids) -> term()

is_alive() -> term()

notify(Event) -> term()

start_link() -> term()

stop() -> term()

sync_notify(Event) -> term()

terminate(Reason, State) -> term()

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