Useful library functions.


This module is retained for backward compatibility. It can disappear without warning in a future Erlang/OTP release.


error_message(Format, Args) -> ok

Prints error message Args in accordance with Format. Similar to io:format/2.

flush_receive() -> ok

Flushes the message buffer of the current process.

nonl(String1) -> String2

  • String1 = String2 = string()

Removes the last newline character, if any, in String1.

progname() -> atom()

Returns the name of the script that started the current Erlang session.

send(To, Msg) -> Msg

  • To = pid() | atom() | {atom(), node()}
  • Msg = term()

Makes it possible to send a message using the apply/3 BIF.

sendw(To, Msg) -> term()

  • To = pid() | atom() | {atom(), node()}
  • Msg = term()

As send/2, but waits for an answer. It is implemented as follows:

sendw(To, Msg) ->
    To ! {self(),Msg},
        Reply -> Reply

The returned message is not necessarily a reply to the sent message.