This module implements an Event Domain Factory interface, which is used to create new Event Domain instances.

To get access to all definitions include necessary hrl files by using:


create_event_domain(Factory, QoS, Admin) -> Reply

  • Factory = #objref
  • QoS = CosNotification::QoSProperties
  • Admin = CosNotification::AdminProperties
  • Reply = {EventDomain, DomainID} | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotification_UnsupportedQoS'{}} | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotification_UnsupportedAdmin'{}}
  • EventDomain = #objref

To create a new EventDomain this operation is used. If it is not possible to support the given QoSProperties or AdminProperties an exception is raised, which list the properties not supported. For more information see the cosNotification user's guide.

get_all_domains(Factory) -> DomainIDSeq

  • Factory = #objref
  • DomainIDSeq = [long()]

This function returns a DomainID sequence of all domains associated with the target object.

get_event_domain(Factory, DomainID) -> Reply

  • Factory = #objref
  • DomainID = long()
  • Reply = EventDomain | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosEventDomainAdmin_DomainNotFound'{}}
  • EventDomain = #objref

This operation returns the EventDomain object associated with the given DomainID. If no such binding exists an exception is raised.