Communication utility functions to be used by the Erlang Web server API programmer.

This module provides the Erlang Web server API module programmer with utility functions for generic sockets communication. The appropriate communication mechanism is transparently used, that is ip_comm or ssl.


deliver(SocketType, Socket, Data) -> Result

  • SocketType = socket_type()
  • Socket = socket()
  • Data = io_list() | binary()
  • Result = socket_closed | void()

deliver/3 sends the Binary over the Socket using the specified SocketType. Socket and SocketType should be the socket and the socket_type form the mod record as defined in httpd.hrl

peername(SocketType,Socket) -> {Port,IPAddress}

  • SocketType = socket_type()
  • Socket = socket()
  • Port = integer()
  • IPAddress = string()

peername/3 returns the Port and IPAddress of the remote Socket.

resolve() -> HostName

  • HostName = string()

resolve/0 returns the official HostName of the current host.