Erlang Network Authentication Server

This module is deprecated. For a description of the Magic Cookie system, refer to Distributed Erlang in the Erlang Reference Manual.



is_auth(Node) -> yes | no

  • Node = node()

Returns yes if communication with Node is authorized. Note that a connection to Node will be established in this case. Returns no if Node does not exist or communication is not authorized (it has another cookie than auth thinks it has).

Use net_adm:ping(Node) instead.

cookie() -> Cookie

Use erlang:get_cookie() instead.

cookie(TheCookie) -> true

  • TheCookie = Cookie | [Cookie]
  • Cookie = cookie()
TheCookie = The cookie may also be given as a list with a single atom element.

node_cookie([Node, Cookie]) -> yes | no

Equivalent to node_cookie(Node, Cookie).

node_cookie(Node, Cookie) -> yes | no

Sets the magic cookie of Node to Cookie, and verifies the status of the authorization. Equivalent to calling erlang:set_cookie(Node, Cookie), followed by auth:is_auth(Node).