This module implements the OMG CosTimerEvent::TimerEventService interface.

To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:


register(TimerEventService, CosEventCommPushConsumer, Data) -> TimerEventHandler

  • TimerEventService = CosEventCommPushConsumer = TimerEventHandler = #objref
  • Data = #any

This operation will create a new TimerEventHandler object which will push given Data to given CosEventCommPushConsumer after the timer have been set.

unregister(TimerEventService, TimerEventHandler) -> ok

  • TimerEventService = TimerEventHandler = #objref

This operation will terminate the given TimerEventHandler.

event_time(TimerEventService, TimerEvent) -> UTO

  • TimerEventService = #objref
  • TimerEvent = #'CosTimerEvent_TimerEvent'{utc, event_data}
  • utc =
  • event_data = #any}
  • UTO = #objref

This operation returns a UTO containing the time at which the associated event was triggered.